Artist Profile: Rory

rory.sticker.2What is your name and/or alias(s)?
I’ve never had a name or any word to describe my character. I prefer to leave it un-named and let other people interpret it their own way. This becomes annoying when people ask me what to call it or what I write. :/
Where are you located?
I’m located in Sydney in Australia. I like to travel, but I only really put up stickers in Melbourne and Sydney.
How long have you been making stickers?
I started drawing various characters on stickers when I was about 10, but I wasn’t serious about it and there wasn’t really a point to it. I started making more of an effort towards paste ups and stickers this year. My current character took about a month to develop into what it is now and I have been drawing the developed character consistently for about 3 months. I’m 14 now.
What inspired you to first start producing stickers?
I found this little hand drawn monkey sticker on the side of the road once and I tried to copy it. It looked like shit, but kinda looked like a bear. I thought that was cool so I kept doing it over and over. They never went up much, but that’s how I got started.
What role would you say stickers play within the greater scope of art?
I’ve been part of and noticed more and more sticker shows recently. I have noticed there are more and more people who have the ability and are good at making stickers, but not many people seem to have the guts to be putting them up on the streets so it doesn’t really go anywhere. I know that doesn’t really answer the question, but it doesn’t really fit in anywhere else.
What materials do you use?
I use just your average black Sharpie, cheap textas and pencils on paper stickers, but I have a few steps that I do to heat proof and water proof them. It’s cheap and effective, but very time consuming. As for the wheat pasting I do. I stock up on Christmas wrapping at the end of each year and I draw on the back of it and then cut it out. It’s extremely cheap and it is very thin.
rory.sticker.1What are some of your favorite places to put up slaps?
The backs of signs on main roads (where loads of people walk though in the day). I like to put them up in the day because it confuses everyone and I get to argue with a lot of public-hero type people. Public transport are also fun places to put stickers, because they get seen and they travel far.
What is the longest one of your slaps has survived in the wild?
When I get on the bus I see my stickers behind seats sometimes. Some have lasted like 2 months. But then again I have only been putting them up for like 3 months. There’s a paste-up under an abandoned railway bridge near my grandmas house that has been there 2 months at least.
Have you ever had any run-ins with the law due to your stickering?
Whenever it has been police, they have just told me to stop… So not too bad. I have had a middle-aged woman yell at me and follow me before. Sydney is pretty chill.
What other artists inspire you?
There’s this graffiti artist called David Cragg that does these really sick characters and grimey pieces. I love his stuff.
What are some of your favorite foods?
I love Hawaiian pizza and deep-fried squid.
What kind of music do you like?
Electronic is cool (like flume) and I like Aussie rap ( check out The Hilltop Hoods) they’re ill.
Favorite movies / TV shows?
The Ring, Beetlejuice and stuff.
Have you ever had a funny/unusual experience related to stickering that you
would like to share?
This old dude came up to me while I was climbing a street sign to get a high spot and when I got down he said they looked nice and rambled a little about how the streets used to look more beautiful etc. I gave him some slaps and he put one on his walking stick.
rory.sticker.3If you had to guess, how many stickers have you produced to date?
Probably about 500 full colour hand draws, 1000s of black and whites I reckon and about
100 prints. I don’t really enjoy printing as much as spending a few hours colouring.
Some artists try to get as many ups as possible. Is stickering about quantity
or quality for you?
I used to think quantity was better because that’s what other people would do but when it comes down to it, I do whatever I feel like.
Do you collect and/or trade slaps with other artists?
I trade like once every few weeks. But usually it’s to send money for art and a trade on the side. I prefer to meet accidentally in person and trade there.
Do you have a message that you are trying to convey with your slaps? What do you want people to take away from seeing one of your designs in the wild?
That people should ask questions, stop being sheep, following religion blindly and relax a little. And that not everything needs to look brilliant. That doesn’t really get through though, most of the time people feel hostility towards them because they can be against religion sometimes.
rory.sticker.4What is the best way for people to follow your work?
I only have personal Instagram etc. – if you really need to message me email me:
“Plain Guy” is the only guy I can really put up stickers with without getting a lecture – @itsplainguy