Artist Profile: Neuk

neuk stickerName:
Located in NYC
How long have you been making stickers?
I’ve been making stickers for over 2 years, had artist blood in me since I was 12.
neuk stickerWhat inspired you to start:
Just generally seeing all the dope slaps ever, if they can do it so can you.
Favorite place to put up slaps:
Every single flat surface, opportunity is everywhere.
Funniest experience slapping:
I put a slap on a van once.. for the owner to hop out and return it to me by sticking it to me.
neuk stickerQuantity or quality:
See now its always about quality. Don’t half ass your work, but at the same time it’s also quantity. Depends on how out there you want to be.
neuk stickerWhere can we follow your work?
Instagram @neuk_tdb
I’d have to shout out the fam @tearingdownbarriers. The artists we have here are amazing and unique, throwing it down in our own ways.