Artist Profile: SmokeyMissita

smokeymissita stickerName:
Angelo, but I go by SmokeyMissita or just Smokey.
Currently in Washington, Georgia – but lived in Tamarac, Florida.
How long have you been making stickers?
Maybe half a year. Maybe less.
What inspired you to first start producing stickers?
My good friend Johnny Saporita.
smokeymissita stickerWhat role would you say stickers play within the greater scope of art?
It’s like that rebellious teen in households with the dyed hair, earrings, and opposing thought process. It has a message, it wants to be heard, but it’s frowned upon by most society.
Regular Pencils, Sharpie and cheap markers, maybe some highlighters. I use whatever labels I can get my hands on.
What are some of your favorite places to put up slaps?
Bathrooms 100%. I feel while the person is sitting there they will more likely see your art rather than a stop sign on the road. I even have some in my school. Great notability.
What is the longest one of your slaps has survived in the wild?
Probably 3 months, maybe less.
smokeymissita stickerHave you ever had any run-ins with the law due to your stickering?
Nope. I hope that day never comes.
What other artists inspire you?
Everyone. Just that simple, but Pablo Picasso is up there….yep he’s wayyy up there….
Have you ever had a funny/unusual experience related to stickering that you would like to share?
Well, I put one on the wall in a McDonalds as I ate my fries and a student at my school who worked there came over just ripped the sucker off the wall. She looked at me and said, “I’ll see your a** in class”. I finished my fries and left.
Is stickering about quantity or quality for you?
It’s not about ether. If someone sends me a sticker with a stickman on it, it’s still someone else’s art. It’s something else created by another’s hand and I love knowing that I got a 1 in a kind slap. No 2 slaps are the same…ever. Even if they are prints.
smokeymissita stickerDo you collect and/or trade slaps with other artists?
I do when I have stickers to trade. I get overwhelmed easy so I kinda just trade when I have done a good amount. I’ll trade with about anyone tho, as long as I have slaps to give.
Do you have a message that you are trying to convey with your slaps?
That’s open for interpretation, but in all honesty I draw whatever comes to my imagination.
What do you want people to take away from seeing one of your designs in the wild?
That SmokeyMissita was there.
Final thought:
People, understand that there is no need to be intimidated by the “pros”. Just remember what you want. And don’t look past the “toys”. They are the innovators! They create the new stuff because they are trying to earn the respect they deserve. If they ask a question, no matter how simple, don’t you dare shrug them off, because you were there at one point. We all were. Take your time and make sure they understand, you might make a friend.
smokeymissita stickerWhat is the best way for people to follow your work?
My Instagram is @SmokeyMissita. There I have all my contacts.
If there is anyone you want to give a shout out to, list them here:
Johnny Saporita aka jay_vee_es!! Hes the best!
Marlen Lopez!!! For just tolerating me! Freaking sweetheart.
The lunch lady for making sure I got food in my tummy! Yes you Reberta!
Lastly, for giving me the opportunity to share about myself. Thank you :)