Meme Cryptocurrency Slaps Spotted

dogecoin_logo_bigStickers are a powerful and versatile medium for spreading a message. For most of the readers and participants here on this blog that message is their art or their name, but that message could be anything.  Here’s a cool story from Reddit user dogefork about how an experience with stickers being stuck to his business lead him to an interesting discovery.

This was posted to r/dogecoin:

I am the general manager of a gas station. I come back from vacation to find at least 10 “dogecoin” stickers on my pumps, windows and ice machine. At first I thought it was a joke and was really annoyed that I had to be the one to scrape them off. I saw a reddit web address and wondered what it could be; also why my employees had not removed them already.

I have to say, after spending a few hours investigating these dogecoins I find this all very fascinating. I’ve been made aware of computer “coins” before through customers but never knew they were so cute. I’m going to look more into this because of this “vandalism.” I’m sort of glad someone did this, I’ve been looking for a new hobby. I guess thanks to the “perp.” Now come back and scrape half of them off at least you rapscallion.

…To explain a bit better, we are in a bad neighborhood off a major highway artery and bus route. It is common for the building, pumps and fencing to be spray painted with graffiti and vulgarities. People slap band and nightclub stickers everywhere. Stickers usually peel off leaving the backing but these dogestickers peeled right off. There was no real damage. I cant remove the upset from my title, but please know I am not upset. This is rather serendipitous….

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