Artist Profile: That Red Kid

thatredkid stickerName:
I have pretty much been known as That Red Kid since middle school, and now it’s my artist name. My character goes by SKRAM.
I am presently located in New York City, so I have a lot of places to get up.
How long have you been making stickers?
I have been making stickers for just about 2 years, but I have been making characters (although shitty) since I was in middle school.
thatredkid stickerWhat inspired you to first start producing stickers?
Truthfully, my friend that was killed in a car crash. He wasn’t one of my best friends, but if he were still around today he would be. He first introduced me to stickers in my freshman art class and he had so much potential as an artist and was just one of the coolest kids I ever knew. So I will always be making stickers as a tribute to him and all the influence he gave me.
What role would you say stickers play within the greater scope of art?
I honestly believe stickers are just a very good, very cheap form of networking for artists young and old. Sticker trading has made me some of my best friends to date and some of my furthest reaching friends such as @glitterponyrainbows (ig) who is from New Zealand and @wokeart from Australian and @unseeeen who is from the UK. It’s kind of insane how big the community actually is.
thatredkid stickerMaterials:
My favorite things to use are Molotow and USPS labels. But if I’m going big, I really love my Grey Market Supply mops and the transfer labels from my boy @bimzdoe, they’re basically indestructible.
What are some of your favorite places to put up slaps?
I really love putting up my slaps with a view. In like an obscure place that when you see it you’re like, “wow, that’s neat” or some shit like that. Giving a sticker a view just makes it cooler. But when I’m just putting them up casually, I like the yellow walk/don’t walk signs. Then if I’m really in the mood, I’ll put my die-cuts over actual faces. I fucking love that shit.
What is the longest one of your slaps has survived in the wild?
Damn, one of slaps from 10th grade is still up but it is so faded you can barely tell.
thatredkid stickerHave you ever had any run-ins with the law due to your stickering?
Luckily for me I haven’t, but my dad is a cop so I have always been super secretive about everything. He doesn’t seem to give a shit about stickers, as do most law enforcement.
What other artists inspire you?
My biggest inspirations are KAWS, Incarcerated Jerkfaces, Ron English, Erick Scarecrow, and Buff Monster. However my biggest influence is MAD who has been my favorite artist since 6th grade.
Have you ever had a funny/unusual experience related to stickering?
Nothing really unusual happened, but one of my best memories about sticker making was the night I hung out with my non-art friends and we were able to sit down and just draw for hours. Even though they knew theirs were shitty, it was still awesome to hangout with my oldest friends and do what I like even if they don’t like it. I still have all of their slaps in my blackbook because it’s just a good memory.
If you had to guess, how many stickers have you produced to date?
Definitely about 1,000 if not more.
Is stickering about quantity or quality for you?
I have to say quality, being a meticulous artist I’d rather pump out one really detailed one with color than just an outline, but some nights I’ll just isolate myself and pump out 50 or more simple ones. Just to fill the supply.
thatredkid stickerDo you collect and/or trade slaps with other artists?
I do, I think everyone should.
Do you have a message that you are trying to convey with your slaps? What
do you want people to take away from seeing one of your designs in the wild?
My message is that SKRAM is never going to stop until it’s a global brand. When people look at my designs I want them to think that they’re unique and something interesting that can catch on. I really want to infect just about every media I can get my hands on.
thatredkid stickerFinal thought:
One last thing. I’m working on a book right now featuring 26 current sticker artists called “The ABC’s of Stickers” and it should be available by the end of March so follow me on Instagram to keep up with that. Also, shout out to the members of DOE (Kaddy, Bimz, and Dour) those boys are the best and also big shout out to Cornelius who is super talented and who I will definitely be working with in the future. Some Kids Running A Muck, forever.
What is the best way to follow your work?
Instagram @thatredkid