Artist Profile: Bokie

bokie stickerName:
Bokie (Bow-key)
Chicago suburbs
How long have you been making stickers?
About 11 months
What inspired you to first start producing stickers?
Really not sure…
Label 228, hello my name is, cardboards, canvases etc. Sharpie paints and Prismacolor.
What are some of your favorite places to put up slaps?
bokie stickerWhat is the longest one of your slaps has survived in the wild?
I moved away from where my longest one was still up, but if i’ts still up then about 10 months.
Have you ever had any run-ins with the law due to your stickering?
What other artists inspire you?
Harsh big time, and highsaur/isor
Have you ever had a funny/unusual experience related to stickering?
One time i was in the city putting a sticker on a bridge and some lady walked by as i was taking a pic. And she just kinda paused and looked at me with this horrified look on ger face as if i just killed someone..
If you had to guess, how many stickers have you produced to date?
bokie stickerSome artists try to get as many ups as possible. Is stickering about quantity or quality for you?
Quality and a bit of quantity depending my mood. Sometimes i just want to go slapping and ill do like 10 b&w’s in like 30-45 mins But when im doing them for trades or for my personal satisfaction i will take 45-1 hour on a sticker.
Do you collect and/or trade slaps with other artists?
Yes, but not as much anymore.
Do you have a message that you are trying to convey with your slaps?
Not really, just have fun!
What do you want people to take away from seeing one of your designs in the wild?
Umm. Its up to them what they choose to take away from it.
bokie stickerWhat is the best way for people to follow your work?
Instagram @bokienga and flickr.
Harsh, if it wasn’t for him I’m not sure if I would be where I’m at now. Jars, because he hass always been kind to me. EAGS, that guys my nigg!! And my crew NGA, I cant imagine not having them, they give me such amazing support and they’re fam :) TLC, they are a great group of people that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and also support my art. Last but certainly not least is Acer, not sure what to say she’s like a sister to me and shows some amazing support, certainly one of the best people I’ve met through stickers. And basically every single one of my followers because they are always showing love and support and constantly make me feel better about my art and myself as a whole knowing there are people out there that care for what I’m doing. So thank you everyone that has been there for me and my art, it’s truly one of the greatest experiences I’ve had andall I hope it does is get better :)