Artist Profile: Sary of Voiceless Sticker Co.

Sary StickerName: Sary
Location: Madison, WI
How long have you been making stickers?
Not that long, actually. Probably since June of this year, 2014.
What inspired you to first start producing stickers?
I wanted a way to spread ideas about social issues without having to preach on social media. Stickers in public places are a peaceful way to get your point across — they can be easily ignored and are generally more beautiful than an angry Facebook post.
What role would you say stickers play within the greater scope of art?
Art is a spectrum, a really really huge spectrum. Stickers are awesome because they’re so versatile. They can go anywhere, they can spread ideas, inspire people, and irritate the cops all at the same time.
I draw my designs in Photoshop and/or Illustrator, then print them onto this thick vinyl sticker paper, cover them with waterproof laminate sheets, and cut them up by hand.
Favorite places to put up slaps:
I’m lucky to live in Madison, WI. I love it here. Downtown is this awesome area where the UW campus, a super well-known alternative shopping district (State Street), and the bar scene all come together. There are people everywhere all the time; this is my choice stickering area.
What is the longest one of your slaps has survived in the wild?
I have one on the front window of Brickhouse BBQ downtown that’s been up for 6 weeks and counting.
Have you ever had any run-ins with the law due to your stickering?
Not quite! Actually just yesterday I was downtown with two friends; Jake got one onto the side of a moving bus. We saw the bus driver watch him in her rear view mirror, and shortly after a cop car circled us real slowly about four times but never confronted us.
What other artists inspire you?
I’m really inspired by anyone that makes an alternative living. I like people that are real and don’t care about professionalism. Further, I am often awestruck by artists, painters in particular, that work with inconceivable detail. My attention span doesn’t flow there.
Have you ever had a funny/unusual experience related to stickering?
I had a panda sticker survive on a stop sign for about a month, when we finally noticed it got taken down, there was some MASSIVE damage to the sign’s paint. The sticker paper we use is SUPER permanent, so I found it really funny to think about the cop that had to get up on a ladder and try to take it down.
Sary StickerHow many stickers have you produced to date?
If I were to guess, probably something like 300.
Do you collect and/or trade slaps with other artists?
I collect a lot of stickers and give away a lot of my own, but haven’t traded with other artists personally. I actually haven’t met any other stickerists in my area. I would love to trade though, hit me up!
Is stickering about quantity or quality?
That’s a really good question. I guess that’s why I love creating my stickers with digital programs, quantity and quality!
What do you want people to take away from seeing one of your designs in the wild?
They’ve all got their own message, but the ones I find most influential are the sacred geometry designs. Even if it’s subconscious, seeing something so ancient, beautiful, and symmetrical in your reality can be very grounding.
Sary StickerFinal thought:
Someday I’ll be able to pay my rent with stickers; it’ll be an ironic ‘fuck you’ to the whole idea of college and professionalism.
What is the best way for people to follow your work?

James, Cody, Jake, Mel, Colin, Sarah, Liz, Rachel, and anyone else that’s been a part of Voiceless :) Thank you!