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Wheatpaste Artist COST Has Been Arrested By NYPD

COST Arrested by NYPDGraffiti legend COST was arrested by NYPD on Sunday Oct. 5

COST’s wheatpaste posters have achieved ubiquity in New York City for the second time since his last epic run in the mid 1990s with collaborator REVS.

The arrest has spawned somewhat of a media frenzy among New York City news outlets and graffiti related bloggers.

NYPD vows to continue to keep glue wielding creatives off of our streets.

Read all about it:

Meme Cryptocurrency Slaps Spotted

dogecoin_logo_bigStickers are a powerful and versatile medium for spreading a message. For most of the readers and participants here on this blog that message is their art or their name, but that message could be anything.  Here’s a cool story from Reddit user dogefork about how an experience with stickers being stuck to his business lead him to an interesting discovery.

This was posted to r/dogecoin: (more…)

The Corporate Theft Of Independent Art

img via - Illustration courtesy of Eddie Colla. Designed by Gillian Dreher

img via – Illustration courtesy of Eddie Colla. Designed by Gillian Dreher

I first came across the art of Eddie Colla when a good friend came back from Oakland with two awesome Occupy slaps in 2012. One was a trippy Guy Fawkes face with the caption ninetyninetoone – the second was an image of a lady with a bandana-covered face and a spray can in her hand with the caption if you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission. I had no idea that the artist behind these designs was Eddie Colla until I came across this sickening article about some huge corporations that have stolen the work of independent designers and merchandised it via apparel, prints, and even stickers. As excited as I am to put  a name to these slaps, I’m pretty saddened by the rest of the story.

Read it here:

The Polaroid Socialmatic – A Sticker Slapper’s Dream Camera?

polaroid socialmaticThe web is abuzz with the news that Polaroid Socialmatic will indeed be a reality – slated for arrival in retail stores this fall. Sure the camera lets you share your images directly to the most popular social networking platforms with built-in wifi, but what really caught our eye is that it can also spit out 2″x3″ sticker-backed photos. Soon we will be able to take photos of locations and stick them up right then and there. Stickerception anyone?

It would be interesting to see how these things hold up to the elements – so if you folks at Polaroid are reading this and want to send us one for a full review, we wouldn’t mind :)

Full press release here:


City As Canvas – Graffiti Exhibition @ MCNY

city as canvas

image via – Lady Pink, “The Death of Graffiti,” 1982 • Acrylic on Masonite • Museum of the City of New York, gift of Martin Wong, 94.114.96

The Museum of The City Of New York looks like it’s gearing up for some sort of kick-ass graffiti exhibition called City As Canvas. They will be displaying works from the collection of graffiti artist/collector Martin Wong. It looks like there will be plenty of mouthwatering art to see, but there is no mention of any sticker work.

City As Canvas – Feb. 4 – Aug. 24, 2014
Museum of The City of New York
1220 Fifth Avenue (at 103rd Street)
New York, NY 10029