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Artist Profile: Underestimated Gentleman

abide stickerName: Underestimated Gentleman
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
How long have you been making stickers? I’ve been doing ABIDE for a year and a half, but have only started doing stickers the last 2 months.
What inspired you to first start producing stickers? I did wheatpasting for quite a while before turning to stickers because of their ease. For wheatpasting there’s so much you have to plan out: the place, time, material, paste making, etc. But with a sticker it’s just so much easier peeling one off and sticking it just about anywhere.
What role do stickers play within the greater scope of art? Stickers are very unique because they are essentially a public medium. Anything bigger like street art or a wheatpaste often has a message to convey to people passing by, but a sticker can simply be an inside joke amongst friends that turns out to look great on a cityscape.
abide stickerMaterials: I chose to make my own stickers because I believe that all retailers are overpricing the costs to make stickers, hell I wouldn’t pay $2 for my own stickers if I can make my own. Basically what I do is I buy a sticker sheet from Staples and a bottle of all purpose glue, print out a couple sticker sheets and glue them to the sticker sheets so that the design is on top and sticky surface on the bottom by spreading (more…)