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Artist Profile: Anesta

My name is Gabriela and my alias is Anesta.
I live in Czech Republic, Europe.
How long have you been making stickers?
I  started a long time ago when I was 18, so it has been 15 years since I have put my first sticker on the street.
What inspired you to first start producing stickers?
In my country people did not know what street art or graffiti is, because of the communists. My cousin had a few friends that lived in foreign countries (US, UK etc.) and when the communists left our country, they came back to live here. They gave him some magazines and articles about street art and some pictures they took on their trips. So we decided to try it too. My cousin lived in a bigger city so he had no problems with buying cans and his friends taught him “how to…” But I lived in a smaller town so I made a few tags with a D. I. Y. made marker (kiwi elite shoe polish and paint) and I gave up. I decided to make stickers, the magazines said that it is cheap, easy and fast.
What materials do you use?
I used to make a normal paper stickers, but the glue is shitty and the colors did not last so long. I also tried to put some super glue on the paper, but it was worse than before. I also tried to put transparent tape on the paper, but it is useless. Many years ago one girl (Ease) showed me these awesome self-adhesive vinyl foils, so I use these and a knife. (more…)