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Artist Profile: Hizzle

hizzle sticker Name:
I live about 45 minutes north of Philly… in Pennsylvania…. USA
How long have you been making stickers?
Over 2 years.
What inspired you to first start producing stickers?
When I first got into the Instagram art scene I just happened to comment on a sketch by one of the artists I  and he just offered to send the drawing to me. I didn’t even know it was a sticker at first. He explained the basics and I took it from there. I saw some of the other artists he was working with and I started branching off, seeing styles ranging all over the place from the RBC crew, to Invimonster, the awesomely unique comic style of Srum, my little homie moosler, aaaaalllllllllll the crews and the vinyl sticker junkies. Gotta give props to Nate Safford for that random act of inspiring kindness. (more…)

Artist Profile: Mondo

mondo sticker Name:
I am located in Philadelphia, PA
How long have you been making stickers?
I’ve been making stickers for about a year now and it’s been a fun time progressing over the period of time and getting my art known.
What inspired you to first start producing stickers?
I got inspired to start stickers from a guy on YouTube named Think.
What role would you say stickers play within the greater scope of art?
If someone is walking on the street and sees the stickers it might show the talent and also might show that they could be more talented than people in art galleries
mondo stickerMaterials:
Since I live in the U.S. I get free USPS labels. The markers I first started out with were Sharpie then I progressed to using paint markers. I use Deco paint markers now but one lesson I learned is that you don’t need the most expensive supplies to make your art look better, it is the talent you have and how much you practice. (more…)